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Platinum University is an online community and learning platform for aspiring remote entrepreneurs and people that desire more out of life!

Anytime you have an internet connection available, you can apply our simple strategies to create more money, time, and freedom. Now answer this, do the words time money, or freedom appear in any of your goals for 2021? If your answer is yes, then find out how £1 can change your life today.


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We specialise in teaching people real-life skills that enable them to take control of their lives by building online income streams.

You’ll get access to our blueprints that have changed the lives of many and it’s now time for you to do the same.

Signing up to Platinum University will only cost you £1 for your first month (yes, £1), and like our thousands of members already doing so, you can start making money from anywhere in the world...even whilst you sleep!

Plus we even chuck in our free crypto guide worth £50 when you sign up!

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The courses included in the Platinum University subscription are not something put together overnight, these are income streams that our founders have tried and tested over the years and now generate amazing incomes from.

They’ve made the mistakes so that you don’t have to and have provided fool-proof blueprints for you to fast track your way to freedom!

We have a 1500+ strong community of entrepreneurs that trust us and just like you, they started off feeling curious as to what opportunities are actually out there.

Signing up to Platinum University Will Change The Course of Your Life!

By signing up for just £1, you will gain an understanding as to exactly how you can become financially free and escape the 9-5 life. It’s not just about courses that teach you how to make money either, we have a huge focus on self-development.

With a background in human psychology, Co-Founder, Joe, will teach you all of the mindset hacks you can apply to 10X your journey. Having a growth mindset like winners, such as Gary Vee and Grant Cardone, is what will fast track you to freedom and set you apart from the rest.

Why would you not want to become financially free? Why would you not want to be the best version of yourself? We’re experts in this and everything you need to change your life is included for £1.

Can you imagine never needing to request annual leave or even treating yourself to nice things without hesitation? That’s what we like to call freedom and it’s really not as hard as it seems to achieve!

By simply investing £1 into yourself, you’ll be on the path to success before you know it and living the life you really want and the life you deserve. And remember, you can cancel at any time.

What’s stopping you? Your future self will thank you for it!

What will I Learn?

All for just £1 when you sign in today!
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    The Fundamentals

    Without the basics, there is nothing. At Platinum University we teach you across 6+ different industries so that you are filled with everything you need to succeed longterm!

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    The truth is - most people have the knowledge, but very rarely take the steps needed to take action on what they have spent so long learning. We ensure our community is always held accountable!

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    At Platinum we teach you literally everything across a broad variety of our content in various industries. Giving you the exact tools and guide on how to scale what you learn. So that you GROW!

Find out why people love Platinum University!

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    Life changing

    Literally one of the best decisions I ever made was join PU. The community is great and everyone is full of motivation and positive vibes. If you're looking to escape the 9-5 this is the way forward. Instead of trying to do it alone, join PU and do it with like minded people.

    - Adam Cunninghamm
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    Unbelievable value!

    Have gained 4 new income streams in the last 5 months thanks to platinum university, all of them making me great profit. Can't thank the team enough for what they are doing for people, genuinely helping people change their lives for the future! UK lockdowns have been really tough but the amazing community of people and amount learning to get stuck into has really helped me focus on new goals and create online income streams. Get joined up before the prices go up!

    - Danny Wareing
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    what a team

    One of the best decisions I have made. Introduced to such a friendly and helping community and learning new things everyday!

    - Finley Jarvis
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    Best decision I ever made

    Great people, excellent community & amazing knowledge and insight. From mindset, learning materials, crypto, forex and stocks and some best guests in the game. PU has it all. I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I Have loved every minute of this journey with platinum university so far. Member for life.

    - Alex Wilkes
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    Been involved with the platinum group for a few years, best thing I ever done, not just for knowledge but meeting similar minded people who want to achieve more, made some friends for life and skills to have a good life too.

    - Jono C
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    Game changer!!!

    This platform is honestly life changing. A community of like minded individuals driven to bettering themselves and building long term sustainable wealth. No other platform will give you the tools needed to successfully build multiple passive income streams ! Worth absolutely every penny and should actually cost a lot more! The value is second to none !

    - Ryan
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    What a community

    The platform James, Joe and Lewis alongside the rest of the Platinum team is absolutely next level. For the price you pay, the content is unreal., access to industry leading mentors, stock and forex advice, e-commerce, crypto and that's without mentioning the community groups where in a few months I have made friends that will be there for life. Can't thank the boys for everything they are putting into the platform, the future is looking very bright with Platinum University in my life for sure.

    - Rachel Black
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    A Fountain Of Knowledge.

    If anyone is reading this and they're on the fence on whether to join or not then would strongly recommend joining. I was on the fence and since joining I haven't looked back - the knowledge taught and shared within the group is totally invaluable and completely changes your perspective on life (well it certainly has with me). Putting that aside though, the community within PU alone is worth the monthly fee - everyone is so positive and supportive. Without doubt the best £30 I spend each month!

    - Alex Benjamin
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    Nothing like this about

    I have been working and taking guidance of the owners of Platinum Univeristy for 9 months and joined Platinum when it was first launched. I have created 5/6 new income streams and 10x my knowledge in that time! Couldn’t recommend PU anymore, best decision I made during a pandemic to take control of my own future.

    - Alex Hill
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    I'm happier, healthier and wealthier - just join!

    The value this university gives is hard to put into words. It teaches you so many things about the world, money, business, mindset and so much more. I would say you can make your annual subscription back within weeks. Multiple income streams that can be done from your laptop or phone - literally anywhere. Support groups, new friends and experienced mentors. The help and positive support is mind blowing, your never alone! It has set me on a different path this year - I'm a lifetime member for sure and I'm going to be a much wealthier one because of it.

    - Hannah James

Having Doubts?

still not sure?

What does my membership include?
Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of 200+ hours taught by the world’s best in our online industries!

Each class includes video content and workbook actionable steps, along with 1-1 access directly to our world-class and credited teachers so that your questions never go unanswered. You also get access to our vast community over the globe meaning you can learn with others and make some new friends in your city!
We would love to say YES to everyone. However we have to be transparent - Platinum university is only for serious action takers.

What we mean by this is - even though we can provide you with all the knowledge, your success depends on you taking the action and steps required to make it part of your reality.

If you are someone that tends to learn learn and learn, but never apply the knowledge - then you are unlikely to get the most out of Platinum.

However, if you are serious, ready to take action and are excited about changing your life. Then welcome aboard!
24/7 support
Embarking on a journey like this requires help and support. We’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our experts, wider team and winning community are available around the clock.
Learn at your own pace
Life is busy and everyone is different. Whether you work two jobs, are in full-time education or a busy home life, you can fit your learning into your routine. We promote flexibility, it’s not about making huge sacrifices. It’s important to still enjoy life as you learn.
Become financially free
We’re experts in this and all that you need to change your life is included for £1. Our courses will teach you everything. Becoming financially free couldn’t be easier!
What Happens Once My £1 Access Is Up
By signing up for £1, you get full access to everything for 14 days.

If you love what you see and wish to continue, on day 15, your membership will roll over and you’ll be charged £39.99 per month going forwards.

If you wish to cancel and not roll over to our monthly membership, simply email us by day 13 and we can cancel before any further payments are debited.
stars Join a likeminded community of over 1500+ members


• If £1 ($1 or 1 Euro) won't convince you, then nothing will!

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