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Where Do I Start?

We suggest starting with our Introduction to Platinum University section in your library. This will help you understand exactly what we have on offer. We highly recommend that all members then begin their journey with our mindset courses which are designed to get you in a growth mindset and have all the tools needed to set goals and make the most of your journey.

From there, I would then start thinking about what interests you most with regards to forex, stocks, crypto and dropshipping by exploring the content we have available.

What order should I do things in?

We encourage people to start off with what interests them the most first, however for many, they really don’t know where to start.

We recommend that all new members start off with our mindset videos. These will provide you with tools you can adopt to your learning to make the most of your time and empower you to exceed your goals

Dropshipping is a great place to begin your journey. It takes a short amount of time to setup your store and once it’s up and running smoothly (approx. 4-6 weeks), you can leave it run in the background, passively making you an income whilst you move onto the next income stream.

It’s a good idea to start your stocks journey next. The videos are great and you can quickly setup your stocks portfolio with the expert stock picks from our Head of Investing, Tom.

We suggest starting forex after stocks and it builds on from what you’ve previously learnt. Forex does take time and dedication, which is why it’s recommended to set up your dropshipping store and stocks portfolio first

Is it hard?

Everything that you need within each programme is provided, as well as the full support from our community. For most members, all of the content will be brand new but all that you need is dedication, a positive attitude and an open mindset to succeed

How much time does it take?

Like all things in life, the more time you put into things, the better the outcome. Most of our members work full time jobs but still manage to succeed. Everybody is different and have different lifestyles, some people can only put in a few hours on the weekend due to work and family commitments, whereas others have the luxury of being able to put in time every day. Putting in regular and consistent time to your studying and practice is what’s most important to your journey. We recommend using a whiteboard or a goal planner to ensure that you plan out your studying and keep yourself on track

How much money do I need to start?

Every member of ours has a different financial situation. We encourage members to only invest what they can afford to. After all, it’s your hard earned money so you should feel comfortable with what you’re investing.

Dropshipping does comes with 3rd party subscription fees but following all of the guidance within our content will ensure that you’re given the best possible start to end each month in profit. At present, the majority of new members end their first month of dropshipping with £1000+ net profit.

Do I have to learn everything?

The short answer to this is, no. Our mission is to provide members with as much educational content as possible, as long as the tools and support to create additional income streams. The content is yours and as long as you’re a member, you’ll have it for life. It’s up to you to decide what you would like to learn and what income streams you wish to establish.

How much money will I make monthly?

Realistically, this is very hard to answer. Time is a huge factor in this. Some members have the luxury of lots of time on their hands to work their way through the courses and set up their income streams, whereas others do not have much time at all. Each member comes from a different financial background and thus invests differently.

Being a member of Platinum University isn’t about getting rich quick, it’s about learning new skills, setting up online business models and passive income streams.

If you’re investing into the stock market, this will be for the long term and the fruits of which will come after 10, 15 or even 20 years. With dropshipping, depending on the strength of your eBay account, it could take three months to become profitable, however the more time and energy you put into your store and product research, the more you will make.

As a new member, the primary focus should be on learning and goal setting- the growth of income streams will then follow.

Do I have to sign up to the affiliate programme?

The affiliate programme is there to compensate members who refer their friends and family to Platinum University. Over the years, many members have referred people to us and we feel that offering rewards for doing so was the right thing to do.

As we encourage the growth of income streams, being part of the affiliate programme is another way in which members can earn more money. It takes a matter of minutes to register to the programme if members choose to opt-in.

As a newbie on a budget, where would you guys suggest starting with regards to building income streams?

This depends on how much time you have and what your financial circumstances are. However, most members start with dropshipping as that’s the easiest to set up and has the lowest startup costs. Once your store is up and running in a fully automated fashion, then you can look at using your dropshipping profits to then invest into something more long term like stocks.

How would you advise friends on what Platinum University is and what it offers if they ask?

Direct them to Our vision page on our website, which explains each aspect that is covered. It’s also important that you’re authentic with your answer. Platinum University is about learning how to create remote business models to in turn create passive incomes. Only sell what you’re actively learning about, explain the service provided and show your results as these speak for themselves. The wonderful thing about Platinum University is that not only can you learn to make money but also learn how to invest correctly and protect your future wealth.

Do I need a laptop?

A laptop is not required, everything can be done from your phone but the use of a laptop or even a tablet device does make things easier.

How do I pay for my monthly subscription?

Subscription payments are automatically charged from your card every 30 days.

Is the subscription payment a Direct Debit?

No, it’s a recurring card charge. If you get a new card, be sure to let the Support Team aware so your details can be changed.

How do I change my card details for payment?

Yes, you can do this by simply contacting You will be sent a secure link where you can then amend your card details.

How much support will I get as a member?

The short answer is a LOT! Upon sign up, you will be greeted by one of our Support Team who will be on hand to guide you through the beginning stages of your journey, signposting you to any resources or help that you need.

We invite all new members to attend one of our weekly Onboarding Webinars, hosted by our Head of Customer Operations, to ensure members receive advice on the plans of their journey, goal setting, answer any questions and also, provide reassurance and support for you as a new member.

In addition to this, we also have a community platform with over 60 individual support channels for you to stay up to date with every topic. There’s an abundance of support available for you there, which includes help and assistance from our experts.

We also have a Buddy Programme that enables members to access one-on-one support from our most successful members.

For urgent matters, there is also a live chat service available on our website.

How hard is it to learn?
Our stocks course starts from beginner level, teaching members about what it is to be an investor, types of investing and how to conduct your own research to find stocks to invest into. In short, it’s not very difficult when utilising our course content, however when it comes to investing your hard-earned money, further reading and plenty of research is very important.
Do I need loads of money to start investing?
The common misconception is that you need a lot of capital to invest, but these days pretty much anyone can start investing from as little as $50. When finding yourself a broker, be sure to look at what their minimum deposit amount is and what the minimum investment amount is also so that you’re able to use a broker that suits your financial needs.
Will I get help picking stocks?
Yes, our community members love to talk about stocks and are very forthcoming with sharing their personal stock picks. Our in-house mentor is also available for you to ask questions too. The course content will teach you how to find stocks and measure risk. It’s important that you do your research first and then reach out within the community to ask for opinions and thoughts on your picks.
Will I get help with picking what coins to buy?

To gain an understanding of the crypto market, members will need to make their way through our course content breakdown. There are thousands of cryptocurrency coins available to invest into but choosing which ones to buy are down to you.

We have an extremely active crypto community, with members constantly sharing coins they have been researching what they’re finding. It is easy to get lost amongst the many choices but ensuring that you do your own research into projects of interest will ultimately determine what coins you choose to buy. Even if after conducting research you find yourself unsure, you will find that your peers within the community will share their thoughts and findings with you which will certainly help you decide.

Should I wait for the pullback or buy now?

If crystal balls worked, we would all know exactly what would happen in the future, but we don't. Buying into the market is better than timing the market. If you want to have the best average price the smartest way is to use the Dollar Cost Average method, which is something we cover in our courses.

What is HODL?

HODLers are crypto investors who buy and hold their positions regardless of price. Whether the market is up, down or sideways, these people stay invested, confident in the long-term value of crypto. The term was created in 2013 in a Bitcoin chat forum by an investor who was watching Bitcoin’s price fall sharply but decided not to sell. He wrote a post titled, “I am HODLing,” meaning to write “HOLDing.” The misspelling caught on with the Bitcoin community. Eventually, working backward, they turned it into an evocative acronym: Hold On for Dear Life.

How do I start learning to trade?

You can start by making your way through the content within the members area and watching the forex course. We have a huge range of course videos available from total novice level upwards. It is important that the learning process is not rushed and that you take your time with your learning, doing further reading where necessary and utilising a demo account for as long as needed.

Will I get help as I’m learning?

Yes, we have plenty of help available for you as you learn and it’s important that you ask as many questions as you can. We have an excellent community of forex traders that are always on hand to help with any queries.

We also have a dedicated support channel within our community where you can post your analysis and request feedback which is an excellent way of learning.

How quickly can I make money?

Embarking on a journey in forex is something that you should prepare yourself to commit to for the long haul. The forex market is highly volatile and most retail traders will lose their money. It is crucial that this level of risk is taken seriously and that the process is not rushed. Many retail traders spend at least 6 months on a demo account and utilising a demo account to practice on is something that must be respected.

Our aim is to provide our members with as much educational content possible to enable them to gain the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful trader. Those new to the forex market should not be thinking about making money as they learn, they should solely concentrate on putting the hours into their craft to ensure that when they do begin trading on a real account, that they are prepared and understand what they’re doing.

Do I have to become an affiliate of Platinum University and market to my friends and family?
No, our network marketing programme is opt-in, meaning that you only become an affiliate if you want to.
What are the benefits of network marketing?
We have many members that have opted to become affiliates of Platinum University as a means of creating another income stream. For each person you sign up and for subscription payment they pay, you will earn commission which is paid out at the end of each month. Our affiliates take great pride in seeing people in their network utilise the course content to generate further income and gain financial freedom.
Do I need social media accounts to become a network marketer?
You don’t but having social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook does help because you can reach a lot more people much easier.
Do I need to own a house to get into Airbnb?
Surprisingly, you don’t but our course content explains exactly how you can do so without owning your own property.
What’s included in the course?
You will learn about the basics, from what Airbnb offers exactly to getting an insight into how much money you can actually make. You will learn how you can manage your Airbnb business remotely from anywhere in the world and how to manage any issues you may face along the way.
Does it take long to learn and get started?
Investing into property takes time. You can work your way through our Airbnb course modules within a week or two, however there will be more research that you will need to do from there. For most people, property management will be something that’s brand new and you have to be fully prepared before going live.

There is no conclusive measure of time, however as long as you ensure that you do your due diligence and feel educated enough to begin your Airbnb journey, then you will know when the time is right for you.

What profit margins do people aim for?

There is no right or wrong profit margin, you can try to increase, and decrease based on your sales volume and adjust accordingly to see sales improve. A lot of members find success on a new account by starting with 4-5% and slowly increase to 5-8% for optimal sales volume. Then 10%+ increased for more profit value per order & less sales volume.

What is the difference between API and NON-API?

NON-API is best for eBay accounts which have never previously drop shipped, to achieve 5-10x more sales and for products to be listed higher in eBay search results. (Recommended for beginners).

API works with all eBay accounts, profitable but it takes a much higher quantity of listings to become as profitable as a NON-API account with a lower quantity of listings. (Recommended for existing drop shippers using eBay accounts which have previously connected to drop shipping software or flagged accounts)

Will I get help setting up my account?

Our course content walks you through the entire process, from explaining the basics of dropshipping and providing you with the information you need to get going, to walking you through the setup process step by step. You will also have access to our community where you can seek help 24/7 from our tea, experts and your fellow community members.

Do I have to pay to advertise?

The short answer is no. The beauty of selling on eBay is that you don’t need to pay to drive traffic there. It is a platform used by millions of people all over the world every day. Some people do opt to run paid promotions on their inventory but this is not a necessity.

Can I Dropship Outside The UK?
Yes, anyone can dropship from anywhere, however our course currently supports people with a UK address.

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