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You are the CEO of your life, and there's one thing that all
successful CEOs share in common - the ability to make big
decisions from a supreme mindset! Platinum University
helps you develop that type of mindset.

Platinum University was formed in 2020, during the uncertain times of the COVID19 pandemic when making money online became a really hot topic. When our founders left the confines of the UK while still managing to maintain their unique lifestyles, people began to ask how they could do the same. Thankfully, our founders wanted to help and Platinum University was formed to help make this lifestyle a reality for more people.  

We believe that being locationally independent is the first step to true freedom. We also believe in changing the relationship between time and money so people can live life on their own terms. Conventional education failed to prepare us for the modern world because it didn’t teach us anything about mindset and entrepreneurship. We were only taught how to get a job. Platinum University is here to make sure all of that changes.

And here’s how we’re going to do it...

We're going to help you explore 6 proven streams of income. Then you can choose where to focus your efforts. So you can pursue a lifestyle that suits your goals and desires. We’ll also bring in world-renowned experts to help you develop your mindset and skills even further.

Upon joining, you will find that we’re a community-driven business. This means that we care about helping our members reach their highest potential. We believe the best way to do that is to help people earn an amazing online income and surround them with like-minded people for the journey. It’s important that members are surrounded by the right people because it’s inspiring to see their success, and it’s breath-taking to observe them winning while defiling the misconceptions that exist in society. For example, many of our members build tremendous wealth without investing thousands of pounds or relying on complex processes.  

Remember, you are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. Shouldn’t you make sure your 5 closest friends are members of our thriving community?  

Platinum University Founders

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Meet The Team

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    Chief Operating Officer
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    Cherelle Kerr

    Head of Customer Ops
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    Megan Armstrong

    Admin Support
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    Company Designer
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    Chris Hill

    Buddy Lead

Platinum Mentors

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    michael girvan

    Head of E-Commerce
  • image

    Sam Rankin

    Crypto Mentor
  • image

    Tom Williams

    Stocks Mentor
  • image

    Adam Kirk

    Forex Mindset Mentor
  • image

    Alex Thorp

    Chart Specialist Mentor
  • image

    Jan Barbaric

    Forex Mentor
  • image

    Moayad Sallabi

    Smart Money Forex Mentor
  • image

    Cameron Biafore

    Marketing & Sales Trainer
  • image

    Victoria Maskell

    Money Mindset Mentor

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